Creating Jobs
Republican Anne Gonzales knows first hand what it takes to create growth and improve small businesses. She’ll always protect those who create jobs by fighting burdensome government regulations and overbearing taxes. As our State Representative, Anne will support those who create jobs – not punish them.

Lowering Taxes
For Ohio’s families and businesses to have the best opportunity for economic success we must have a reformed tax system within the state. Every day we are losing more and more Ohioans and jobs to states with better competitive tax rates. As a member of the Ohio House of Representatives, Anne Gonzales will fight to create a friendlier business climate that will enable small businesses to stay or relocate to this great state. This will allow for true economic growth and for new job creation.
For Ohio’s taxpayers everyday, making sure that we’re doing everything that can be done to lower taxes and reduce the burden on Ohio’s working families.

Reforming Education
The strength of Ohio’s economic future is dependent upon the strength of the education that our children receive today. Anne Gonzales believes that in order to have a strong educational system, there must be three key components: competition, high standards, and funding oversight.

Reducing Spending
As today’s families and businesses make tough financial decisions on how to best succeed through these difficult economic circumstances, it’s time their government started doing the same. Anne Gonzales believes that our state government needs to start running more efficiently and be held accountable for the taxpayers’ dollars it spends. Finding and eliminating government waste will be one of Anne Gonzales’. A more efficient government will allow for services to be provided better and bring greater transparency to our tax dollars.