The Buckeye Pathway and the 132nd General Assembly

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In the start of this new General Assembly, the Ohio House Republican Caucus is looking to improve the current life of Ohioans and look to make Ohio stronger in the future. The Speaker as announce the Buckeye Pathway. The Buckeye Pathway is the caucus’ guiding policy template that can assist in keeping the caucus on a pathway towards specific policy goals. …

Kaisch Reveals Two Year Budget Plan House to Deliberate

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This week we got to see Governor Kasich’s two-year budget proposal, and below are some important pieces that you should know: The budget is for a total of $144 billion over two years. There will be $39 million in tax cuts and a 5 percent fixed-rate tax on crude oil and natural gas. Ohio schools will get $200 million more …

Five Ways the Legislature Improved Ohioans Lives

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I have always seen the Ohio House of Representatives as the people’s house. The work I do, day in and day out is done purposefully to improve the lives of those living in the Buckeye state. While there is work done to make changes at state agencies and how they operate, I wanted to tell you about five changes that …

The Assembly in Review

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After a marathon 15 hour session in the House last Thursday, the General Assembly is finally over. Over these past two years I have worked on making sure that I was responsive to your needs and concerns. Every bill I worked on started when a constituent came to me with a problem. I wanted to review how I represented you …

Lame Duck in the Legislature

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December is a busy time in the legislature. Not only is it the last month of the legislative session, but it is the last chance that a bill has to make it to the Governor’s desk. That means that my colleagues and I are working to make sure that good bills don’t make it to the end without passing. Currently, …

Anne Gonzales Wins Re-election Bid

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WESTERVILLE— Anne Gonzales (R-Westerville) yesterday was re-elected to the Ohio House of Representatives. She represents the 19th Ohio House District, which includes portions of northeastern Franklin County. “I appreciate all of the help that I received this cycle and could not have done this with out the help of my supporters.” Gonzales said. “I am proud I ran a clean campaign …

Ohio Early Voting has Begun

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This upcoming election will be a historic one for our nation. What is clear though is that Ohio is continuing to grow, more people are back to work and the policies I have supported for the past six years have been working. That is why, in addition to asking for your support this fall, I wanted to provide you some …

You’re Invited: October 20th Fundraiser

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Please join State Representative Anne Gonzales for a fundraising reception Thursday, October 20th, 2016 6:00pm – 8:00pm at Wine Bistro 925 N. State Street Westerville, OH 43082 Chair: $1,000 Sponsor: $500 Patron: $250 Individual: $50 per person Please make checks payable to: Citizens for Anne Gonzales Please respond by October 18 by replying to this email or calling 614-354-4034

Ohio’s Economy is Growing

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When I first joined the legislature, Ohio was in a bad place. The state had lost more than 350,000 jobs and our unemployment rate was through the roof. The previous administration had run up a huge debt to the federal government and burdened Ohio’s employers and taxpayers with the payment. State agencies were overregulating every aspect of our lives to …

Investing in our Elders Invests in Ohio

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Like much of America, Ohio’s population is getting older. As medicine improves, we are living longer than our parents and grandparents did. This reality has presented new challenges for my colleagues and me in the legislature. A few weeks ago I asked my constituents to tell me what their priorities are in regards to aging. Overwhelmingly their concerns boiled down …