Helping Grieving Parents

Anne Gonzales News

I recently met with a constituent whose wife delivered a stillborn child. I learned firsthand about the unexpected cost of a stillborn child. In addition to overwhelming grief, bereaved parents also carry the financial burden associated with the death of their child, which can include the cost of an autopsy, funeral expenses, missed work time, and counseling. After the meeting, I introduced House Bill 507 that will give grieving parents some financial relief.

House Bill 507 will establish a one-time tax credit of $2,000 for the parents of stillborn children. This legislation will help many Ohioans who are grieving over the loss of their child.

I also learned that there are steps a mother can take to help prevent a stillbirth. Count the Kicks is a free app that that a mother can use to track their babies movement. If there is a change in the time it takes a baby to get 10 movements a mother can call their provider for help. Learn more about the app here