HB359 Floor Speech

House Bill Designates September in Ohio as “We Card Month”

Anne Gonzales News, Office Press Releases

COLUMBUS—In an effort to prevent the sale of age-restricted products to minors, and to support retailers in consistently asking for identification when those products are purchased, the Ohio House today passed House Bill 307, naming September as “We Card Month.”

The bill, which is sponsored by State Representative Anne Gonzales (R-Westerville), is meant as both a way to deter minors from purchasing age-restricted products and as a form of accountability for stores. Committee testimony emphasized that the bill will put pressure on employees to regularly card patrons when restricted products are purchased.

“This bill is important in battling the underage consumption of alcohol, tobacco products, and other potentially harmful substances,” Rep. Gonzales said. “Reminding retailers to ask for identification from each person, prevents the sale of these products to minors.”

Gonzales hopes the bill will raise awareness about the prevalence of underage alcohol consumption, and that it will encourage employees to follow existing laws regarding the sale of age-restricted products.

Having passed out of the House, the bill will now go to the Senate for further consideration.