Ohio House Sends Budget Bill to Governor Kasich

Anne Gonzales News, Office Press Releases

Today the Ohio House approved the Conference Committee Report on Amended Substitute House Bill 49, the state operating budget. In this budget, the Ohio House wanted to cut costs, help Ohioans, and address Ohio’s dangerous drug epidemic. Here are some of the things this budget will do for Ohio:

  • $180 million in new funding to tackle the state’s drug epidemic head-o
  • Increasing school funding by $154 million in FY ’18 and $120 million in FY ’19.
  • Requiring colleges to study textbook expenses in order to ultimately reduce the cost of obtaining a college degree.
  • Reduces the House administrative budget by 6 percent
  • Removes tax changes from the executive budget proposal, including those proposed on sales, severance, tobacco and vapor, and commercial activity taxes.
  • Restores the Bureau for Children with Medical Handicaps (BCMH) and funds the program at $3 million per year.
  • Increases funding to the Child, Family, and Community Protection Services.
  • Expands options for local communities to remove low-level offenders from crowded state prisons through a Targeted Community Alternative to Prison (TCAP) program.