Ohio House Passes Balanced Budget

Anne Gonzales News, Office Press Releases

Today the Ohio House passed House Bill 49, the state operating budget. House Bill 49 contains a budget that is $2.5 billion less than the executive proposal, but will still work to fix some of the biggest issues Ohioans face, including:

  • $80 million toward rehabilitation and other treatment programs to help people addicted to controlled substances.
  • $50 million toward supporting Ohio’s children, with money going to kinship care and Child Protective Services.
  • $12.2 million toward the prevention of drug addiction.
  • $9 million toward workforce development, with new training programs for Ohioans.
  • $19.4 million toward mental health services.
  • Increases in per-pupil funding by more than $90 million over the next two years.

The bill now goes to the Ohio Senate.