What I’m Doing for Ohio’s Women

Anne Gonzales News, Office Press Releases

This General Assembly, I am working to tackle some issues that are currently affecting women in Ohio. First, I am sponsoring House Bill 13, a bill that will allow women who are breastfeeding to be excused from jury service. Without this bill, breastfeeding woman may be required to serve on a jury and receive very little in the way of accommodation. I decided to introduce this bill because one of my constituents was summoned for jury duty, and sought to be dismissed because she had to breastfeed her baby. Before being selected, my constituent stated that she would either need to be provided some time to pump during the trial or she would need to be dismissed from jury duty because of a “physical hardship.” Her request was denied and she was selected to serve on the jury. The commissioner tried to accommodate her need to pump, but she was only provided a coat closet that offered very little privacy for her. House Bill 13 will make sure that new mothers will never have to go through this again.

Another bill I am working on is House Bill 20, a bill that will remove the cap on the amount of compensatory damages a victim of rape can receive. This legislation stems from the case of a teenager who was raped by her pastor in 2008. The pastor had history of sexual misconduct with teenage girls, but was still allowed to see underage girls privately in his church. The family sued the church and was awarded $3.5 million in non-economic damages by a jury, but a 2005 tort reform law had that amount reduced to $250,000. House Bill 20 will make it so victims of rape will never nave to worry about a monetary cap on damages.

If there is an issue that you think I should be working on, let me know HERE