The Buckeye Pathway and the 132nd General Assembly

Anne Gonzales News, Office Press Releases

In the start of this new General Assembly, the Ohio House Republican Caucus is looking to improve the current life of Ohioans and look to make Ohio stronger in the future. The Speaker as announce the Buckeye Pathway. The Buckeye Pathway is the caucus’ guiding policy template that can assist in keeping the caucus on a pathway towards specific policy goals. There are three goals that the pathway hopes to reach.

  1. Improving the Economic Environment. The policies should focus on free-market ideas because market competitiveness, not government policies, drives job growth.
  2. Enhancing Opportunities. The Caucus will work to enhance opportunities for Ohioans and to ensure that Ohioans have the education, training and skills necessary to live successful, productive lives.
  3. Strengthening Families and Communities. The legislature can help Ohio’s families by access to quality healthcare, addressing law enforcement issues and being smart on crime, and focusing on specific communities within the state.

By following these goals, the 132nd General Assembly can continue to keep Ohio strong and help Ohioans in their everyday life.