Five Ways the Legislature Improved Ohioans Lives

Anne Gonzales Campaign Press Releases, News

I have always seen the Ohio House of Representatives as the people’s house. The work I do, day in and day out is done purposefully to improve the lives of those living in the Buckeye state. While there is work done to make changes at state agencies and how they operate, I wanted to tell you about five changes that will affect you and your daily life.

  1. Lower Taxes- This session, the House and Senate sent a nearly $2 billion tax cut to Governor Kasich’s desk. You should be able to keep your hard-earned money and I worked with my fellow legislators to make sure the government didn’t take it from you.
  2. Invested in communities- In addition to cutting taxes, the state decided to invest directly in community projects. We dedicated almost $2.6 billion to community projects across all 88 counties. I fought to get that money reinvested into parks, job training and education programs in Westerville, Gahanna and New Albany.
  3. Increased school funding- I think that investing in our children is investing in our future. We all want our children to get a good education. To ensure this, our state now invests more in education than they ever have in the history of the state.
  4. Increase access to lifesaving care- From rescue inhalers to epi-pens, advances in medical technology has come a long way to help save the lives of those with allergies. This session I worked to change the law to allow schools, camps and restaurants to stock these lifesaving measures without a prescription. This allows parents of these children to breathe a little easier if their child is exposed to a new allergen for the first time.
  5. Domestic Violence Survivors- I have long been an advocate for survivors of domestic violence. This year I worked on legislation to create the “Safe at Home” program with the Ohio Secretary of State. This allows survivors to shield their address from public record so their abuser cannot use them to find them again.