Ohio’s Economy is Growing

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When I first joined the legislature, Ohio was in a bad place. The state had lost more than 350,000 jobs and our unemployment rate was through the roof. The previous administration had run up a huge debt to the federal government and burdened Ohio’s employers and taxpayers with the payment. State agencies were overregulating every aspect of our lives to the point that it required approval from two state agencies just to set up an inflatable bounce house.

My colleagues and I thought this was absurd and decided to take action. Immediately, we passed legislation to reform how the state regulates businesses. Every rule that was designed to regulate business was reviewed and either updated or repealed so that our state’s regulations made sense.

Additionally, we began lowering taxes on business owners. With so many Ohioans out of work because of the recession, businesses were paying money to the state in taxes that could have been used to hire and pay employees. I also voted to lower taxes and fees on LLCs. This allowed more people to start their own businesses and take those risks that create jobs. Finally, through responsible budgeting, we paid back the debt that the previous administration had placed on our employers.

Ohio now is up 430,000 jobs since the recession and we are still moving forward. I want to hear from you though. What direction do you think the state should take to continue encouraging job growth? Click below to take a survey and let me know what policies you think will keep us moving in the right direction.

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