Investing in our Elders Invests in Ohio

Anne Gonzales Campaign Press Releases, News

Like much of America, Ohio’s population is getting older. As medicine improves, we are living longer than our parents and grandparents did. This reality has presented new challenges for my colleagues and me in the legislature. A few weeks ago I asked my constituents to tell me what their priorities are in regards to aging. Overwhelmingly their concerns boiled down to two things: health care and finances.

In the legislature, I am working to address these issues. Earlier this session I voted for a bill that requires hospitals to give you an estimate for the cost of care, including what you would pay before the preform any non-emergency services. Not only does this help our aging population who may be on a fixed income, but it helps all Ohioans. By informing patients of the potential costs of services, it allows them to be informed consumers and reduces their chances of going into medical debt.

Additionally, I have voted on multiple bills that increase access to health care. With a shortage of doctors in America, access to medical personnel needed to change. For this reason, I voted to increase the number of physician assistants and nurse practitioners that can work for a physician. These highly trained professionals work for physicians and can help diagnose colds, prescribe antibiotics and give vaccines. This increases the number providers and therefore increases access to care.

Finally, there are individuals who want to scam retirees out of the money they have worked so hard to earn throughout their lives. These people will target the elderly, particularly those suffering from Alzheimer’s, and convince them that they should be their caregiver. Once the elder agrees, the “caregiver” begins collecting payment from them and provides no services whatsoever. I voted to increase protections against these types of schemes and to allow Adult Protective Services to intervene.

By focusing on our aging population, not only do we help our parents and grandparents, but we help our community as a whole. As a legislator, I depend on you to keep me informed of your concerns. This helps guide my decisions in Columbus. If you have any concerns that you would like to share with me, please CLICK HERE and let me know what you think.